Julien Donkey-Boy

Harmony's got a new film out called Julien Donkey-Boy.
The film is based on his uncle who's a schizophrenic. It's the first American movie made under the Dogme95 Manifesto and stars Chloe Sevigny, Ewan Bremmer and Werner Herzog.
However, there have been different opinions whether or not Julien is really a Dogma film.
Here is a pressrelease from the official Dogme95 homepage.


Certain critics have questioned whether Harmony Korine has adhered to the rules of the Dogme95 Manifesto in the making of his new feature film "julien donkey-boy". In connection with such criticism we would like to make the following statement:

To the best of our knowledge "julien donkey-boy" does, indeed, observe the Dogme criteria to a satisfactory extent. Our judgment is based on an actual review of the film as well as an interview with the director.

Considering the fact that there are numerous practical problems connected with our review of aspiring Dogme films, we have decided on a change of practice when issuing Dogme certificates.

In future the director himself is solemnly to declare his adherence to the Dogme95 Manifesto.

As a personal signature on the Dogme certificate would be inconsistent with the rule that directors not be credited, certificates will be issued by us the moment a signed, sworn statement from the director is in our hands.

For this purpose a Dogme secretariat will be established. Further, we are preparing a document clarifying the four Dogme Brothers' personal interpretations of the Vow of Chastity. This document shall be made available on the internet address www.Dogme95.dk.
Similarly, questions in regard to interpretation of The Dogme95 Manifesto and the Vow of Chastity can be directed to the directors via this website.

Hornbæk, 8th October 1999

Søren Kragh-Jacobsen
Kristian Levring
Lars von Trier
Thomas Vinterberg